There are two classes that each first year ministry student will be taking throughout the year, regardless of if they are taking additional college classes or not.  These classes are focused on discussing the homework that was completed leading up to the class and are led by City Impact’s School of Ministry Director and Assistant Pastor Sean Brakey.

  1. Survey of the Bible: Over the course of the nine months we will read through the entire Bible together. The goal is that by the end you would be equipped with a general understanding of the themes of each book, the context for each, the overall flow of the Biblical narrative, and better be able to approach studying individual passages going forward.

  2. Leadership Classes: In this class we will be tackling eight different topics and studying them each one at a time over the course of the nine months in sessions of four to five weeks.  The topics include: Apologetics, Spiritual Warfare, Discipleship, Missional Church, Marriage and Singleness, Spiritual Gifts, Missions, and How to Study the Bible.


Ministry students have the option to take college classes that have the highest level of accreditation through Northwest University and work towards an Associate's or Bachelor's in Ministerial Leadership or Interdisciplinary Studies. Students enrolled in Northwest classes will have an entire day each week blocked off to work on their studies rather than serving at their ministry site. For any additional questions about our college classes such as pricing, see our FAQ’s.