Typical week

The majority of your weekdays will be spent serving in your specific department (rescue mission, thrift store, school, kitchen, etc.). This will usually be about 60 – 70% of your week, though it will sometimes fluctuate. Twice a week you will leave to serve with our Adopt a Building department to reach out to residents in apartment buildings and build discipleship relationships.  This will usually be about 20 – 25% of your week.  Also, twice a week we meet together in the morning for our School of Ministry  class.  This will usually be about 10 - 15% of your week. Saturdays are your off day, except when we are doing outreach with visiting groups.  When that happens, you will have a different day off that week.  On Sundays you will gather with us for our church gathering in the morning, and in the afternoon help lead with our Adopt a Building outreach to the apartment buildings.

If you are enrolled in Northwest University, you will have a similar schedule, however, you will have one day set aside for you to focus on and complete coursework.  


Expected Outreaches

  • Compassion Weekend

  • SFCI Conference

  • Pre-Thanksgiving Outreach

  • Thanksgiving Day Outreach

  • Pre-Christmas Outreach

  • Christmas Day Outreach

  • SFCI Benefit Banquets

  • All Sunday Church Gatherings

  • All Wednesday Night Prayer Gatherings

  • Ministry Student Retreats


Move in/Move Out Dates