Our school plays a significant role in the lives of about 140 kids from the inner city of San Francisco, and the school is growing exponentially. Our school staff needs a lot of help from ministry students with classroom management, tutoring, administration, and other programming needs.


The Rescue Mission is the main avenue that homeless and broken residents can come get plugged in whether that's through receiving a male, attending a Bible study, or volunteering alongside of us. Ministry students at the Rescue Mission will help with the daily prep for the services (including meal prep as well as the program of worship and a short message), leading Bible study, and investing in volunteers.


Our Health and Wellness Center facilitates nurses and doctors in caring for the residents through health. Ministry students at the Health and Wellness Center will experience firsthand how to provide truly holistic care to the poor and most broken in society the way God created them: body, mind, and spirit.


Although all ministry students will help lead missions teams in outreach when they are here, those in the missions department will be much more heavily involved in the overall leadership of the program for groups that are coming in on the missions trips with City Impact from all over the country. This will involve both hands on investment in teams coming in as well as "behind the scenes" preparation, scheduling, and other administrative needs for the success of the program.


Behind every strong ministry are the people who have administrative skills that help organize it all. This is always a huge need and we love finding people with strong skills in this area to serve in key roles. 


Communications is a key part of our administrative ministry at City Impact. Through our communications department, we tell the story of SFCI through multiple avenues that lead our audience (donors, advocates, and volunteers) to take action while keeping to brand standards and core values.


In facilities and operations, you will spend time working with all the different departments fixing problems as they arise and contacting various development and repair companies. Facilities and operations is a fast-paced job that mostly focuses on maintaining the facilities so day-to-day operations can run smoothly.


Adopt a Building is a ministry that incorporates leading ministry students, volunteers, and residents. This will involve helping with operations (set up, facilitation, and clean up) on Sunday and throughout the week, assisting with administrative duties, house calls, building parties, room cleanings, grace banquets, meal deliveries, Bible studies and escorting residents to and from locations.


At our thrift store, ministry students are taking on significant roles in the development of the store both as a business and also a great point of connection with the community for relationship building and evangelism. This will involve working at the register, helping customers from the community, sorting donations, and taking ownership over the experience people have in our thrift store.


Blessing people with food is often the best way to get into meaningful conversations and relationship building in the inner city. Much of our ministry utilizes food to express love. Ministry students in our food and beverage department will be based primarily in our kitchen helping sort food, cook food, and sometimes help pick up the food from the various places we receive donations for different sites.


City Impact as a church is one of our greatest connections to the residents of the Tenderloin. Ministry students will be inviting people into the church family, engaging newcomers, meeting the physical needs of the church body, and planning and preparing for Wednesday Night Prayer meetings and Sunday gatherings. 


Our ministry is able to run through God providing funds, and our development department is where this effort takes place. Ministry students in the development department are engaged in taking on a more administrative role to help the fundraising of the ministry. This is always a huge need as you can imagine.


Our Volunteer Center organizes and regulates our entire volunteer database. City Impact plans events, such as holiday outreaches and banquets, through the Volunteer Center. Daily tasks include data management and entry, check-in with volunteers, and managing contact with inquiries via email and phone.