Caitlin's Story


After a week long mission trip experience at City Impact, Caitlin decided to return for a 9 month School of Ministry term. Caitlin felt the call to slow down and learn what it means to live out her identity in Christ. While Caitlin left a career in the entertainment industry, she found a life of following Jesus. She is now being empowered and sent to return to Ireland to serve as missionary with youth and families. 

Garret's Story

Garrette 2.jpg

During Garret's first time at City Impact, Garrett experienced a stronger prayer and worship life than he ever had. In Garret's first year of School of Ministry he grew as a follower of Jesus. “I learned of things I didn’t know I needed,” explains Carr, “things like true accountability, Godly friendship.” What he describes as a “giant answer to prayer,” the community that Garrett experienced during his first term was evidently very impactful to him. Garrett has returned since for a second and third year of City Impact College in partnership with Northwest University to pursue his degree. He has served and lead in worship ministry as well as in multiple departments growing in humility and love. 

Nicole's Story


After obtaining her master's degree, Nicole had career aspirations to gain vital experience early on. Nicole was called to the inner city of San Francisco to serve in ministry and thought her creative development career was coming to an end. Once she began working with City Impact, avenues opened for Nicole to further her creative development abilities through the Social Enterprise program. Nicole’s work at City Impact changed her outlook on ministry and shifted her focus from growing her own career path to leveraging her life and skills to help others. She now serves and lives in the Tenderloin community.