Lanyie's Story

Laynie -3.jpg

After witnessing and reporting a case of child abuse, Laynie chose to give up her last year at Stanford University studying Public Policy to enroll in the 9 month School of Ministry program. The impact of her experience influenced Laynie to continue to build relationships and intervene on behalf of the children in the Tenderloin (inner city of San Francisco). Laynie is has served in the City Academy K-8 Private School to help assist teachers, equip the school and has been a critical in translation services for Spanish speaking children and families.

Charlie's Story

School of Ministry - Charlie.jpg

In high school, Charlie found himself involved in the wrong crowd and a group of people that pushed him away from his church family he had grown up with. After a little encouragement from his brother and church family, Charlie apprehensively joined the School of Ministry (SOM) 9 month term. During his time in SOM, Charlie showed a willing heart and gave his life to Jesus after experiencing life-changing love and community. After working in ministry in his hometown for a season, Charlie returned to City Impact to work with mission teams and leading team members from all over the country to serving in the inner city of San Francisco. Charlie has now entered his second year in SOM, is pursuing a college degree, discipling others and investing in Youth Ministry.

Nicole's Story


After obtaining her master's degree, Nicole had career aspirations to gain vital experience early on. Nicole was called to the inner city of San Francisco to serve in ministry and thought her creative development career was coming to an end. Once she began working with City Impact, avenues opened for Nicole to further her creative development abilities through the Social Enterprise program. Nicole’s work at City Impact changed her outlook on ministry and shifted her focus from growing her own career path to leveraging her skills to help others.

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